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International Exam Results

“We know we are on the right path. Our journey is not finished, but we have come a long way”.

Muhammadu Buhari.

Beloved Marie Curie family,

It is really satisfying to know that despite all the ups and downs that we have undergone in the last years, we, as a family, have been blessed with countless graces and achievements. This time, it’s an immense pleasure to share with you two great news.

The first one, we already have the results of the international exams from Cambridge Assessment that our students took last year. The Movers exam that was taken by our students of 3rd grade (2021) assesses the A1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR). This time, 87% of our students are placed in the expected level compared to 85% in the year 2020 and to 40% in the year 2019.

1: Comparative Graph Movers Exam

Last year was the first time our students from 5th grade (2021) took the Flyers exam, showing also a good result. This exam assesses the A2 level of the CEFR and 66 % of our students are placed at this level. It makes us happy because, when we see the progress of these students when they took their international exams for the first time in 2019, only 40% of them reached the expected level.

2: Comparative Graph Flyers Exam

All these make us proud of the excellent journey towards bilingualism in our school. It makes us know that all the challenges that we have faced are worth it when we see our students progressing, improving their communicative skills, and becoming bilingual researchers.

The second news that we want to share with you is that from February 2022, our school has signed the agreement with Cambridge University through the program Cambridge English Schools. This is a program in which with the support of Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Assessment, the institution offers its expertise in the language learning process to strengthen and accompany our process. This is also a milestone in our journey because it means that now Cambridge University through these two entities is going to advise us on how to make better decisions at the moment of preparing our students for the challenges that our global society imposes on us.

May this be an opportunity to thank God for all the blessings that he is lavishing upon us, to thank the teachers for all the support they offer to our students, and to all of you, dear parents, for entrusting us your most precious jewels, your sons and daughter. All these achievements are another reason to renew our commitment to strive always for excellence.

[1 - 2]Taken from the Cambridge Official Website for preparation centres:

Bernardo Matorell Batista

International exams coordinator.

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