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English Challenge 2020 "Learning While Having Fun"

The English Language, that is one of the most important languages around the world, in our school, last Friday (June 26th- 2020) we had the opportunity to use it as a means of communication and we could demonstrate that it is not only to learn how to speak properly, it is more than that; it takes our abilities in enhancing our lexicon but also our interaction with the others.

The importance of real input is a must when learning a new language that is why, we were having fun through different activities such as painting, cooking, creating cartoons, being part of a conversation club. Moreover, the Spelling Bee, which is one of the amazing games we used to play. All the GBCMC Community was involved, having fun while learning, even in the distance, we could discover new abilities and realize how much knowledge we have got so far.

Thanks to all teachers who made it happen. Also, to parents and students for your participation without you it would not be a successful day.

It was incredible to see all the talent our students have.

English Department.

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