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English Challenge 2019

Actualizado: 21 jul 2019

Event in which English skills are developing, holding a celebration with the goal of highlighting the importance of using the language in our context, for this great celebration we have the spaces of the G.B.C.M.C. school this year we will celebrate our second English Challenge and for this Great Party we will have different stages, full of games and activities such as: experiments, art, recipes as well as family integration races, and at the end a spectacular dance in charge of the teachers promoting the use of the English language. All these stations will be accompanied by different and attractive materials. In the same way there will be a conference in charge of the Richmond publishing house that will help guide and strengthen the Bilingualism process in our homes to support our children. The English Challenge event is aimed for students from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade (PK to 5) where parents can participate in each of the workshops to learn commands giving support to a complete bank o vocabulary reinforcing bilingual culture.

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