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How it all started

One of the aspects that the school seeks to improve as part of the bilingualism program is the certification of students’ English level with Cambridge Assessment English. At GBCMC, it has been two years taking exams for Young Learners of English (YLE henceforth) that evaluates kids in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In 2019, students from third grade took a Movers exam orientated to test their English in an A1 level; 33% of students were placed in this level, 32% of them were in the transition for this level. Due to the pandemic of COVID 19, Movers exam for third graders of 2020 was postponed to 2021 in which they significantly increased the pass rate: 81% of students were placed in A1 level and 19% of them are still in the process.

Celebrating our students’ goals!

Evaluation is a constant process that has always been in the school, not only in a summative but also in a formative way. Diagnostic activities and mocks have helped us to identify the aspects in which we need to improve; reinforcement classes and training sessions have been some of the strategies taken to achieve these results. We feel very proud of our students, their effort and dedication are part of this too; this is why we celebrated their goals.

Colegio Campestre Bogota Bilingue
Colegio Campestre Bogota Bilingue

Results make it worthy

Now, we are looking forward the results for our third graders 2021 in A1 Movers and fifth graders as the first students on taking A2 Flyers exam. They were part of intensive training and support sessions during their English classes; provided with an excellent bilingual staff who has given their best to prepare them for their English journey. Thanks to the participation of all Marie Curie community, we proudly received a special recognition as Cambridge Preparation Centre from Cambridge Assessment English. We also invite you to keep believing that English is the key to the world, as a Czech proverb says “learn a new language and get a new soul”.

Colegio Campestre Bogota Bilingue
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