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Gimnasio Bilingüe Campestre Marie Curie encourages the improvement of Linguistic, Cognitive, and Social skills. Our bilingual students have improved their thinking skills through a process in which they carry out different activities in each school subject area which covers a clear content and topics of interest to everybody. Our students learn about phonics, vocabulary, grammar, literature, and many other elements bearing in mind a clear Curriculum that is designed in order to help them to understand and explore many concepts in English and mainly, in real-life contexts. Additionally, based on their cognitive ages, they can learn how to suggest concrete solutions to existent issues too.

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Our main objective is focused on the Communicative Approach or Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), which raises a possibility that students speak naturally while taking into account the fact that making mistakes is part of the process of acquiring another language. Our methodology is also founded on Collaborative Learning (Co-Learning), Task-Based Learning (TBL), and Content and language integrated learning (CLIL). All of our students have begun a training on International Exams whose activities are designed by the teachers, bringing a language learning process in meaningful situations. Our philosophy is also connected with students who develop the abilities to interpret the world from a holistic point of view and learn about the importance of being better citizens of the world. During 2020, all the bilingual areas made a connection with Content Language Integrated Learning(CLIL)

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